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How to Manage Strict Expectations: For basketball players


This workbook is designed for basketball athletes aiming to address and overcome the constraints of strict expectations that can erode their confidence. It offers practical sport psychology tools and techniques to help you navigate and change negative thought patterns, focusing on more realistic and attainable goals.

Do you wrestle with strict expectations? Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

  • "I feel the pressure to make every shot."
  • "I'm convinced I must score 10+ points every game."
  • "I believe I need to be laser-focused at all times."
  • "I think I must perform exceptionally every game to secure a scholarship."
  • "I've convinced myself I have to be the top scorer to make my parents proud."
  • "I believe my coach expects me to be a leader and communicate effectively with my teammates."
  • "I feel the weight of my parents' expectation that I mustn't make a mistake."

If any of these sound familiar, this workbook can guide you in recognizing and effectively managing these strict expectations. It equips you with a reliable formula to reshape your mindset, ultimately enabling you to overcome these challenges.

Workbook #1 - PDF Downloadable

  • How to Manage Strict Expectations: For basketball players

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