Be a GameChanger: Maximize Your Influence

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

In our culture athletes are often held in high regard. They are perceived as role models and people we should try and emulate. Success as a high-level athlete may include the opportunity to compete at an elite level, enjoy celebrity status, and benefit from financial rewards. But what in our culture causes us to value an athlete?

When I think about my sports hero’s I admire the countless hours of sacrifice it took for them to perfect their specific sport skills. I also appreciate the level of commitment necessary to understand the tactical side of their game not to mention putting the team before their individual success. However, the athletes that I admire the most also do one other thing consistently well; they maximize their influence.

All athletes have a platform or a stage where they can use their voice. While there are wonderful stories of professional athletes who use that platform for good those professional players were once young players who at an early age began practicing the habit of maximizing their influence.  

Take teenagers Chase Vazquez, Scooter Terrien, & Miles Rodriguez from Kenosha Wisconsin for example. These three boys all play middle school basketball and they collectively decided to use their influence for good. In the middle of a basketball game, they noticed that some students were bullying a cheerleader who had Downs Syndrome. When a timeout was called they left the team huddle to address the students who were being mean and they stood up for someone who could not stand up for herself. At that moment they decided to maximize their influence. Chase, Scooter, and Miles are GameChanger Athletes.

When you maximize your influence you maximize your impact. GameChanger Athletes are intentional about using their influence for good.  So how will you use you maximize your influence?

If you’d like to learn more about Chase, Scooter, and Miles you can click here to see a video from one of our partners. (

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