Are You A GameChanger?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Are you a GameChanger?

GameChanger Athletes – you know them when you see and meet them. Pause for a moment and think of the most influential athletes, mentors, friends you know. They likely possess many of the same skills. They influence those around them, communicate effectively, build relationships, harness failure, carve their own path, and possess a variety of other impressive skill sets. (Snag a free copy of our Top 10 Strengths of GameChanger Athletes poster here).

Not surprisingly, these are many of the same qualities you see in successful adults. We call them transferable life skills. Sports provides an incredible opportunity to learn these skills at a young age! The best news is that they’re all skills that can be developed – which means YOU can learn each of them on your path to becoming a GameChanger Athlete, Parent or Coach.

Unfortunately, a lot of what we see related to youth sports is the bad news; rising costs, increases in injury rates, burnout and drop out, and a growing list of bad behaviors largely from the adults involved. We believe that when the athlete is put back at the center of the movement – when their voices are truly heard and valued and the emphasis put on their healthy growth and development, great things happen.

Your next question is likely how? How do we fix an off-kilter system and commit to developing GameChanger Athletes? As with all the best things in life the answer is simple, not easy. It begins with YOU! We want to partner with those who see the value in utilizing sport to develop great humans. Our mission is to help players, parents and coaches use sports more effectively to teach those same transferable life skills and maximize the growth and development of youth athletes.

Want to know more about how we do this? Check out our website – Or sign up for our blog, where we share insights on becoming a GameChanger.

This is a lifelong journey, GameChanger – welcome to the team.

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