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Our Mission

What is a GameChanger 


A GameChanger Athlete is driven by purpose and the desire to better themselves and those around them, both on and off the field of play. As a result, they have an outsized impact in the game, on the game and in the world.

How do we develop and support GameChanger Athletes?

We’ve inverted the standard “adult-driven” athletic model by focusing on the athlete first. We strive to foster an empowering learning environment to equip athletes to be change agents, at age appropriate levels. The approach is far more powerful, rewarding and effective for athletes, parents and coaches than a traditional, top-down program.  

Our Ecosystem

Players, parents and coaches are all integral contributors to the youth sport ecosystem. By equipping parents and coaches with the tools and knowledge to understand and execute their role as facilitators of personal growth we keep athlete well-being as a central, driving focus. Ultimately, this will allow athletes to own the process, forever changing the current system.

The Team Environment

Our facilitators are highly trained and highly qualified individuals who are passionate about developing GameChanger Athletes and building close-knit teams.

Research & Design

We are a forward-thinking, people-focused, values-driven team. Our network consists of coaches, facilitators, influencers and advisors all committed to training, developing and supporting GameChanger Athletes to build a bright and successful tomorrow.

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