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Our Approach

We are people first and data driven. We harness cutting-edge research and trends coupled with a careful consideration of the needs of those we serve to guide and shape our best practices.

The GameChanger Experience

GameChanger Athletes engage in a series of 90-minute team-based sessions. Each session is designed to develop the skills athletes need to solve real-life issues and problems, with the guidance of our facilitators. While teams are in session, coaches observe the entire interaction from a distance, where they are able to see their team from a fresh perspective. Coaches are then able to support and reinforce athletes attempts to put these skills into practice in life and in the competitive environment.


The GameChanger Experience covers a wide-ranging number of topics, including, Do The Right Thing, Maximize Your Influence, Harness Failure, Commit to Growth, Know Yourself, Build Relationships, and other topics.


Each GameChanger Experience includes components such as an icebreaker, a video, self-reflection, an engaging experiential activity, discussion questions and a call to action.


Our facilitators are based in the greater St. Louis metro area and can lead sessions at your team’s training location, or we can provide a team room at our headquarters in Hazelwood.

Sessions for teams and coaching staff are free right now! 

Learning and growing daily is important and we want to be apart of that process with you. We believe in this process and we know you will too. 

GCA Experience

The Facilitators

We employ only highly trained facilitators to guide your team’s session. Each facilitator completes our Facilitator Prep program, which involves training in experiential learning techniques and a rigorous background check. We believe it is critical to have a neutral party pose the tough questions a coach may not be able to ask, encourage the team to take initiative, respond to team’s needs in real time and ensure a quality experience for all.

The Experiential Learning Cycle

The Experiential Learning Cycle is one of the most useful tools in our toolkit. Based on the idea that not only is learning by doing incredibly impactful, but that reflecting on those actions creates an even stronger, more enduring lesson. This process creates opportunities for all types of learners as well as both introverts and extroverts to comfortably participate.

Real-Time Learning

Teachable moments are most significant when processed during or immediately following the event. Likewise, in the GameChanger Experience, debriefing occurs throughout the process, allowing athletes to recall their experiences in greater detail and add depth to their insights.

New Roles for Everyone

Many teams naturally develop fixed roles. This can stunt both individual and team growth. We eliminate fixed roles, leading to new perspectives on the value each teammate brings.

Failure is Leveraged

We can learn as much from a loss as we can a victory. Many teams miss an opportunity to utilize failure as an important part of growth. Our process is built to convey a sense of freedom, allowing individuals to take risks and learn to leverage failure.

Professional Facilitators Unlock Growth

Our facilitators are trained to help teams get the most out of every session. The facilitator is positioned as a neutral party, free from any perceived bias, allowing them to peel back layers and address deeper issues.

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